six millions ways to die choose one
it’s DDDJ Breezy

VERSE 1 (Shatta Wale)
Breezy mmh ya junior gun lighter sliff
mi run the funny man and now ina we vicinity
smoke them with the sharp and dem cyan even see wi evening
dem bad,dem check pon wi but dem se say wi still living
shatta movement proving this,we tell’em wi sealing this
from Ghana to London yo wi tell dem wi a killing this
the gyal’em all abide and you know say we just a rocking this
anywhere we go we tell’em say wi never stoping this

HOOK (Shatta Wale)
so mi say
supa scary,supa supa scary 4x

ya,now which suicidal comboclut wan came test me and my bwoy dem now
boys and gyal all a dem love my style
i bring dem joy dem shout,tall and proud
enemies point dem out
more fire burn dem down
burt it loud this is the warning sound
know say we run this town
done this crown
calling out all dem clowns
this is my stoping ground
master you for back up
na pue for the number one rapper
EL with another bad banger
Black Star wi dey conqure for Ghana
charlie na na me bi the one bar man
me y3 chairman EL gaga mallam ya man
Breezy you this beat sef
wey  you make i dey touch

charlie my dimaond get more karates that a chaolin temple
everywhere i go i get more Dollars you wanna mine a let’s go
so ridy we dey come switch hater again the next chapter
sake of ridy everybody be the best rapper

HOOK (Shatta Wale)
so mi say
supa scary,supa supa scary R2bees 4x

HOOK 4 (Mugeez)
mi put a red bim pon the bwoy head,that a no indie man
the thing wey a comot a beat,bingi drum
dem ask if dem fi know we run this bombo like the trunk
watch dem won fi violate you lie beside dy empty gun
and you life is done,bwoy you gone
mi catch the crown,mi crush the crown
mi fire weh touch the town
from dem mi a the ratatata dem know the sound
yes im killing it,mi share you pon dy dround
the wibes and grace zelen dey make the bomboclut dey frown
do wey you wan do,still i plug dy thing in the window
kill dem rat with this commando
as dem talk saa who dem wan blow
yes im rough im the *******
i remind dem,dem bwoy dey fear wi
bomboclut no dare wi
from you know say dat the gyal alone wey go fi near wi,fi near wi

HOOK (Shatta Wale)
so mi say
supa scary,supa supa scary 4x

VERSE 5 (D Black)

HOOK (Shatta Wale)
so mi say
supa scary,supa supa scary 4x

VERSE 6 (Sarkodie)
aaahh ahh ahh ahh
poeple will be loving the swagger
Gucci,the fendi,the sark and the valency yagas,visaci,the prada
my name is obidi the rapper
the faster the rap,the deeper the ragga
im cerry more the walker flacker
ah DJ Breezy be my brother
if you know day see me just put on your tracker
you must have the realers to do this from way back 2000 to 2015 ***
i promise to give you the best of my blessings
i love you when you call me bidi
i still got love for my critics
i came in with a bunch of rehens
the students for UCC,Winconcin,Legon den Central dey study my lyrics
so feel it
me nsety trap na trap nkye bella
mun susu mu rap nu fa k) ma tailer
)nbud)bud) hu na do me a faver
mungyae me sark fr3 fr3 me bossu kena
me buswea w) jersay bright ne terry
me phone y3 mienu black ne berry
testirisey wo ti a wa k) y3 gerring
me rap nu y3 supa scary

VERSE 7 (Shatta Wale)
dem cyan purchase my BMW energize
the gyal’em all a link cus dey know say,yes mi got mi size
**************** know say yes wi always love fi fight
yo breezy tell’em say you got the intrumental ina right
so Black Avenue and Shatta Movement go the things intact
Gh banner wi living strong
nough a dem know say a wi run the land
royal sun dem call me the lord
dem better know say we stay strong

HOOK (Shatta Wale)
so mi say
supa scary,supa supa scary 4x
so mi say
supa scary,supa supa scary…..

i dan’t know whether call this one stupid or Breezy it’s you fool one
infact breezy you are a stupid fool for this one
supa scary,infact DJ Breezy has done it again
supa scary…….

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