yeah me tee monka aky3 what you wan do oo yeah

hehehe Yeah, ok y3nkc err tie fvck you talking bout 80% of rappers copy me style aai merhn 3y3 me anigye and am really proud coz apart from Reggie monhu rapper sei its been a while yeah, 3yaa na Ghana mma no p3 me swag Yvone Okoro hyia me first time ctwaa me hug Na Becca koraa de3 nka Nyame ampata a nka ctee me komu chain Cse cfeeli s3 ni3 Sarkodie fa so movie ne crowd Yeah I guess you wanna know How i keep on running the game for a decade or so 3ny3 me swag 3ny3 punch 3na 3ny3 me flow.

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