C.T.’ei whats up?You know what time it isObedepɔn bedeVerse 1Turn the music up a little bitI’m back on the block, Duncwillis is the real shitYou know I started as a little kidI’ve been around for some time and I am still sick
I am the king, no doubtMo a mo nne me nyɛ adwen, please move outCos yɛwoo me baa wiase just to move crowdYou can’t pull me down, ɔbede me voice is too loudHookOne time for your mind (8x)Verse 2I am a pillow you can lie onI am the best MC to be your iconMy enemies be my pythonBut anyway, let bygones be bygonesSɛ mewu a, mma monfa me nkɔ cemeteryMonyɛ me Kwame Nkrumah, na mmon continue me legacyMonfa me flow nyɛ mo therapyYaa Pono bɛseɛ, Uptown energyRepeat HookVerse 3Stumming my pain with his fingers, singing my life with his words,Mombra men service mo punchlinesI am a dope MC, I don’t believe in soft rhymesFrɛ me 055 thats my hotline, na mommɛgye flow from tete, that be me then timesRepeat HookVerse 4It’s quite funny how the world isSɛ mebufu a, na makae me nipa ElvisWonim deɛ ɛreba a, anka woakɔhyɛ helmetI am not trying to scare you, but I can’t really help itYou can lean on my shoulderI will always stay number one cos I am a soldierI was young but now I am looking olderKanee mewe cerelac ɛnnɛ mehwepe Gulder, OneHaha, Stand up…standing novation.Repeat HookRapperholic get your hands up!Tema bounce baby, Twi popVerse 5Now, rhymes, lyrics, punchlines, metaphorWine, Guinness, frontline, kebachoNine, digits, donsmike, ever pureFine, minutes, Pantang, KuborlorYes, monitor, keyboard, mouseJeff, Oliver, peacock, poundsNet, goalkeeper, see God, outRed, opener, free call, nowRepeat HookAlright, so that’s the endChilling with my boys boysCT, thanks for the beatDuncWillis EntertainmentRapperholicAlright, CT, drop the hornsTo my honeys on the blockYou know what time it isOne time for your mindStraight up, Obede pɔn bede

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