Yeah!! Me kai s3 ber3 a mese me ndamfofc s3 mede Ghana b3kc baabi Mekae

Madamfo bia y3fr3 no Kwame Boadi Ns3m a mekaa3 no 3mu fa k3se3 Kwame woangye manndi Wose me fa kc gye me din Kwame ny3 ni Just believe and dont you ever give up Wo daya soo no so sene mountain Luther koraaa De3 wohiaaa ne s3 brother man for speed up bribi na woofa mua mma no nha wo kraa Yeeah God is in control Dont you let your fears pull you down 3mmer3 a na menni anidasoc wc wiase still aa me i knew that i deserve the crown Yung L… Shebi you be same guy wey them dey hate when i wanna share my story Shebi abi same guy wey dem underate now dem want follow me Jhonny oo Shebi abi same guy wey dem dey bold and now them get up on me ooo But eno ma doings o asee giv the God glory oo

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