yeah,mic check,ahah ahah

let’s take it back


yeah, see let’s go

I lost a couple of friends, a couple of niggas

just because I’m taking the chance to double my figures

associating with brands and taking the pictures

to motivate the youth in advance for stalking the papers

ndanfo fo) bebree, I lost them when i made it

but I had to lose them cause my life is still amazing

I seem to be untouchable

the moves that I’m making from the meetings

to the link ups and the eye brows I’m raising

I’m working so hard to put my nation on the map

apreciati na you can’t afford for me to take a nap

me ni na 3y3 din cause they try to pull me back

but i put my life on pause just to focus on the rap

since Kwame Nkrumah we are proud of nothing else

daa pull me down cus negativity sells

they don’t f**k with me cus me i know them pretty well

only give you interviews to show you how I really felt

I went on BBC cause Komla Dumor put me on

it’s all about connects men forgeti wo songs

so my fellow journalists don’t get me wrong

mo nsu mo gyae s3 monti Ghana na mo k) wishi more

mo mma y3 hunt) y3n im really doing my best

no resources no help so I’m just

feeding off the vibe from my fans and the rest

daa me tu kwan k) BET it’s only me

no media men but they have the time to tweet

sten I’m a poor boy coming from the street

all I have is my fans and the flows on the beat

obi fri ne krom b3y3 biibia y3 hu nu huge

we looking for super stars but we are  still sleeping on Fuse (how)

that’s international but 3mu bia ny3 news

nea y3 nim ni tv sua y3 tina kika silly views

Shatta Wale this, R2Bees that

adwen b)ne nti they never wanna face the fact

I go through the stress and you still have the guts

to tell me i perform for cleaners blacks!

what is wrong with you, I did it on my own

s3 mo ntumi mmbuaa please then leave us alone

influential people sitting in their homes

obiaa mbua anka y3k) naija nk) gye loan

daa mu fr3 y3n shows su mo mma y3 coins

mo ywe sua mo si y3 videos mmake sense

7D craa y3n hu su na Real people fio lens

this is not for me, I’m also speaking for my friends

ah wo ti Ghana radio su for 20 years

but wo blamy me s3 me ti ghana changing gears

na wo k) hosty program w) MTv anka 3ns3n wo

wo da su ti Ghana nsem 3hu hia na wo dwen hu

industry no support,what else

)tai nti we no dey comot,ah ah

3den s33

me ka nea 3hy3 na kuma su egya wo w’3ni tua

last one me naa me kai y3 no s3 mo tua y3

saa na mo fi s3 me k) Clans Peters anaa Sesan ho a

me k) ma )mu nnku ansaa na )mu etwa ama me

nnku na mede twa video me bua

support our own mern

Fuse is doing a lot, R2Bees, myself

puting Ghana on the map

nobody is supporting mehn

no investors nothing!

we go to the BETs

no Ghanaians are there

like I don’t see media men

no one to cover it up, come to Ghana

just talk about it men stop talking like fans,do your job

flight k3k3a wo b3 twa nu ntia 3y3 na 3y3 wo ya

di makye k) BET LA 3mma me nk) mba na mo nka ns3m bi k3k3

lets help!

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