Worlasi Who da who be guy who wey dem dey spy. check around nd see me wey dem dey spy.

all cleaned up all certified all cleaned up but we never dey fight. we all start dey rap but sum dey give adaga. me den u rap abi wey dey da back. dis nor be random wey u nor be kpala. try nd take the mic u go fit chop asala. Teditedi hmmm mmm t)dat)da hmmm mmm Jay so: Huh Yh They call me kwaku pikaaso representing the west side, if u wanna roll with me then lets ride, if it ain’t productive den i let it slide. Am steady taking shots u taking selfies on your bedside. still this critics ain’t giving me probs. No!!!. Wanna get raid of me u can stop Bro!!! They said i must be high enough for something some other assumptions but tell’em that its not so. At your door with the crew, metador to the bull. if u can’t say it to my face then please don’t ask me or i might pull a stunt and police dont catch me so… Miss me with the tough talk or u gonna see who’s there before knock knock, talk lock for ur thumbs sucks am good with these bars word to bruce lee and its non chucks. Lately success is all i see, every other month different caller ID. How i make this quick stevens to God my Gee. Quick heads give thanks to Almighty. Lately progress is all i see, digital gansters Rip, grateful for every single heart i reach. Nyaame ebi God almighty. Alot of success still aaa miny3 satisfied menya ni kwa i made alot of sacrifice. Me rap 3ny3 mī hobby 3y3 mi 925. Nti n3 yaa mukâmi huns3m sometimes i let slide

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