pave the way for the king i love the sound though possy hmm hmm

you know what time it is hmm hmm, court rise haam you know i no write one word seff this is what we called free style hmm today was one very funny day the person was like the song you did with Dartenvilla and the one you did with Efya that song is killer but why dant you make a collaburation with Gasmilla hmm Gasmilla ok Gasmilla hoo abooo daa toi, ok that nagger i think i like the attitude su obi ma nu filla s33 ni nyum nu y3 sick but i can make it sicker ok let me tell you my fevorate MC 2 11 J Town.J soh, eem Bra Kelvin Ohyame Kwame, Stay Jay, Stone repping TEMA Yaw Sikki wo b3 ti i got my money on my mind my mind on my money dan’t even wanna go broke it’s not even funny 24/7 yeah im heading for a Grammy until the day a Dj play my song in Miami yeah fuck it i dant believe in hate

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